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County Carnival

Monroe County (the country where Rochester resides; outside the city are many quaint villages and still lots of pretty farmland): Eat fresh, buy local, grow Monroe!

  • In their Grow Monroe brochure they celebrate, in pages facing one another: (1) Our county is home to successful national food brands, and then (2) Smart “buy local” choices reduce costs of shipping from distant growers.

Livingston County (the county just south of Monroe County, includes Geneseo and Lethworth State Park. Very rural, includes some of New York States excellent grape growing): Buy local!

  • Among my favorites – Barilla Pasta is made here as well as Cool Whip. If people took buying local seriously, then residents of every county in America would buy macaroni produced by some Italian grandmother nearby, and would each purchase whipped cream from their local boy scout dessert sale. Would Barilla and Cool Whip exist in a world where people bought local? What would happen in Livingston County?

Genesee County: (southwest of Monroe County)

Ontario County:(south and east of Monroe County, home to Victor, former residence of billionaire Tom Golisano who is leaving NYS because of high and punitive taxation among other reasons)

  • They promote an E-lobby, because it is crucial to make your (farm) voice heard.

Wayne County (very rural county on the Eastern border of Monroe County. Home to many of New York State’s apple orchards) Buy local food! 

  • Among my favorites: This is why we need to keep our farmers in business (an image of gasoline station price list), farmers feed us 3 times a day, every day. If our food comes from off-shore, we are AT RISK!
  • Yep, all those farmers in Wayne County wake up each day and work hard because they love me and care about me, and farmers from Monroe County or Iowa or Chile wake up and farm because they do not love me, nor do they love their land, and they all want to poison me and the planet!

Orleans County: (west of Monroe County)

  • “We are active within the political system on a broad range of issues that concern every rural New York landowner, from taxation to conservation. We work hard to promote public policy that protects an owner’s right to use land. We believe that a strong, viable agricultural industry is beneficial not only to our economy, but also to our local communities and our consumers.”

Concluding Thought: What would happen if residents of each of these neighboring counties only purchased agricultural products from farms within each of their respective counties? Our family resides in Monroe County and has already enjoyed berry picking in Wayne County, and is hoping to purchase some wine made in Seneca County in a few weeks.

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