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Now that the first attempt at passing health care is stalled (it will come back with an ugly vengeance soon enough), the Chosen One is touting a new study, done by the White House, demonstrating that small businesses pay more per employee for health care coverage than large employers. Why am I still amazed that this Administration can turn a dog bites man story into something that stirs up the entire country?

Would Mr. Obama call for a retailing overhaul because Walmart is able to secure the goods it sells for far lower prices than the corner convenient store? Would Mr. Obama “do something” about the fact that when I pay a 20-pack of paper towels from the discount store I pay far less per towel than when I buy a single at the gas station nearby? There are many reasons to be concerned about health care, but citing this as a reason is unadulterated sophistry. If someone is bored enough to read the actual report or watch the discussion from the President, I challenge you to find a single mention of the inability of small businesses and individuals to purchase policies across state lines (larger companies are able to do this – perhaps the only group in the nation), or if they are able to secure bare bones coverage for their employees, and not be forced into covering what the commisars in the states mandate should be in every insurance policy?

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