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Red Jobs

In the recently published “Green Jobs Report” from the US Conference of Mayors, they report that:

 By 2038 there will be 1,246 new green jobs created in Greenville, North Carolina.”

We have a term for that sort of work: scientism. Oh, and what sorts of jobs are classified as “green”? Anything that is 6-degrees of separation from what you might be thinking as “green.” The largest increases in green jobs coming in this Mayor’s “report” are from secretarial positions in support of supposed green jobs, and those jobs also include management analysts, lawyers, bookkeepers and janitors.

When you hear the phrase “creating green jobs” thrown around so carelessly, your bunk detector should max out, and you should watch your wallet, as special interests will be crawling out from under every rock in the forest to claim that their cause is really a green one.

3 Responses to “Red Jobs”

  1. Brad says:


  2. Harry says:

    Great comment, Brad.
    Green jobs are pure wasted greenbacks.
    Wish all this effort could be directed toward bucking bales to feed our wintercows with clover and alfalfa, which are composed of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and assorted other shunned elements like potassium and phosphoros.
    The green job people want our greenbacks, like a trillion of them, or more.
    Wintercow, my bunk detector was maxed out fifty times in the last sixty days, and Thursday I’m going to the beach.
    Best wishes to Brad, Speedmaster, Wintercow and his family, and anybody I missed.

  3. Stephen R says:

    That’s nothing. My BS-o-meter goes off whenever I hear the government say it “creates” jobs *at all*.

    You want to create a ton of new jobs all over the country? Let’s pass a law saying that all elevators must have a dedicated human operator. It’s now illegal to get in an elevator and push the button for yourself, the operator must do it.

    POOF! We’ve just created millions of jobs with the stroke of a pen! Yay!

    …except we’ve added absolutely nothing to the economy; we’re actually draining it.

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