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“Only a socialist could think this makes sense.”

Some poor soul just went through the entire health care bill. And in it he finds that PelosiCare has provisions to create 118 new bureaucracies. Not 1. Not 18. But 118. Here’s a sample:

46. Public Health Workforce Corps (Section 2231, p. 1253) (wintercow: sounds scary)

53. Community Prevention Stakeholders Board (Section 2301, p. 1301) (wintercow: yeah, I can sit on that one)

63. Grant program for interdisciplinary mental and behavioral health training (Section 2522, p. 1382) (wintercow: will this include grants for behavioral economic research?)

65. Healthy Teen Initiative grant program regarding teen pregnancy (Section 2526, p. 1398) (wintercow: like we haven’t tried that before)

71. Grant program to develop infant mortality programs (Section 2532, p. 1433) (wintercow: cool, a program to develop more … programs)

95. Demonstration program for chronic shortages of health professionals (Section 3101, p. 1717) (wintercow: we have these already – they’re called economics classes)

99. Office of Indian Men’s Health (Section 3101, p. 1765) (wintercow: I kid you not)

Aside from the utter absurdity of much of it – just think of all the new built in constituencies being created here. If for some small chance this whole health care thing doesn’t work out as intended (which of course it never would, right?) what do you think the chances would be for undoing the ugly that this bill is creating? Zippo, zilch, nada, niente. I’ll take the blue pill please.

3 Responses to “I’m Just the Messenger”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Cr@p, this thing gets scarier by the day. And you just know this stuff is pretty much un-removable once in place.

  2. Harry says:

    In 1993 I read the whole Hilliarycare bill, met with my congressman Pat McHale, and we both wretched. It was 1100 pages, but this new one is single-spaced, longer than War and Peace or Atlas Shrugged. I’m glad you have taken your time to read it, and to report some of the details that no doubt will be included in this monster.

    It reminds me of Rosemary’s Baby, with Harry Reed and Max Baucus wearing red and black vestments. Or perhaps it is a rerun of The Exorcist, with Chuck Schumer as the priest, who calls Chris Dodd for assistance.

    Whether it is un-removable remains to be seen. The taxes will be immediate, but the benefits are deferred, according to the present version, until 2013.

    Meanwhile, the Stimuus Package is another failure, as predicted. Don’t forget the multiplier! And whatever you do, remember to wear a condom! And watch your carbon footprint whenever you are stimulated!

  3. Harry says:

    That was Paul McHale.

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