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A common argument made by teachers unions and other folks that rely on the government dole to make their livings is that if citizens are allowed to participate in initiative processes (commonly employed to fight for lower taxes and spending, among other things), they will be susceptible to scare tactics, bullying, and infuence from special interests. Thus, we unthinking automotons will be voting for things we really do not wish to vote for.

Instead, the teachers unions argue, we should get rid of the ballot initiative process because of the special interests influencing the masses. Can any of these people look themselves in the mirror? YOU are a special interest. Furthermore, what is more laughable, to think that it is easy for “special interests” to influence millions of voters to vote for a ballot measure, or to think that “special interests” do not have exponentially more influence over a few dozen legislators who rely on these special interets to drum up support among voters and as campaign contributers?

And by the way, why is it that “special” interests are so maligned? Do people like me not have a “special” interest in freedom? Do Jets fans not have a special interest in the winning percentage of their football teams? Does not Wegmans have a special interest in feeding me good food? Just asking, that’s all.

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