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Eliot Spitzer today in Slate “proves” that higher marginal tax rates on the rich do not discourage growth. Of course, he proves nothing of the sort, but I don’t want to try to teach economics to the guy, or any of the lefty faithful. I want to ask the statists if they would sign up for this:

I will agree to higher tax rates on the marginal income of the rich, if the statists agree that the tax rates on the poor and middle class should go up proportionally. In other words, no poor person ought to be free from this “glorious privilege.”If Mr. Spitzer really thinks that taxes do not discourage output and work effort, then lets end this stupidity of trying to find creative ways to finance government, and tax the poor and middle class too? I’d even sign up for a more progressive system than now. How about 25% for all incomes below 100% and rates increasing to 75% for everyone above the threshold that FDR thought was “enough” for anyone to live on ($323,000).  That would be more progressive than today’s tax code, wouldn’t it?

So, my dear statists, if you really want the big bad state, would you make the trade? I often hear you guys making similar offers to those of us not in favor of the state, but rarely do I see the offers made in the opposite direction. It is really tiring seeing proposals to empower people that pay no taxes to vote themselves benefits at the expense of the few. And notice that Mr. Spitzer simply dismisses the moral argument about taxation being theft. It is. There is absolutely no justification for you to stick a gun in my face and steal my property. Yet Mr. Spitzer celebrates this as a glorious privilege.

Such a position is ironic for a guy that freely pays for sex with quality escorts. Why not just engage in rape? After all, wouldn’t it be a glorious privilege for the escort to be screwed by you Mr. Spitzer? Why pay her? She’ll keep puttin’ out for ya without the monetary incentive, wouldn’t she?

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