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Well, I guess 6,000 divided by 40,000 now exceeds 50%. After all, when kids spend all their time gardening instead of learning math, should we be surprised that when they become adults, they don’t know what a majority is?

Here is a short video on the forced unionization of daycare providers in Michigan.

This naked theft has been going on for decades, yet “unions” are still celebrated as protectors of labor and representative of “workplace democracy.” What is funny is that many Progressives argue that our GDP measures are too low because they do not capture the value of work done in the home, such as the care of children by stay at home moms and dads. If Progressives want to be consistent, then they should force every single stay at home mom and dad to get a daycare license, and then force each and every one of the millions of us to join the unions too.

I’d remind you that the 6,000 of 40,000 represents the number of people that even voted at all divided by the number of people affected. So, we can enslave 36,999 people at the request of the majority “vote” of 3,001 child care providers. That is democracy at work. And this is not some cutesy little isolated example.

HT: John Barry for the pointer.

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