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It will be any day before the goons show up to my door to shut me up. Here is one justification the Commander in Speech gave us all about getting his bill passed:

Both the House and Senate versions of health insurance reform rest upon the following building blocks:
  • Affordable health options, with subsidies for working families and a hardship waive

Because of course, not only are insurance companies too greedy to try to compete on price, the states currently do nothing on this front. So I checked out my home Commune of New York and found this:

Family Health Plus is a public health insurance program for adults who are aged 19 to 64 who have income too high to qualify for Medicaid

Oh, you mean the exact thing the ObamaCare law was passed to do?

One Response to “Stretcher of the Truth in Chief”

  1. Harry says:

    We’re screwed, Mike. I pray you keep your job, and go on to great fortune.

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