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or have ever purchased?

Sadly for me, I think the worse purchases I have ever made have been big ones, such as a fixer-upper house in Massachusetts just as the real estate bubble was bursting. But hey, it was relatively inexpensive, and we did need a place to live. What else is up there? Well, we have a treadmill, I have hair gel, a food dehydrator (don’t even know where that is now) … I’ll post in the future as my worst purchases come to mind. Many music CDs come to mind, and no, Totally 80s is not among them, even though I had a few too many drinks one night and was inspired by an infomercial to buy it.

How about you guys?

3 Responses to “What is the Most Useless Thing You Own”

  1. jb says:

    OK I will post. But the way I want to do so is to explain what I did NOT buy, and how much I regret it. All of our family photos were on an external hard drive. And not backed up. A few CDs would have done the trick, and a few moments from my day.

    Lighning struck our home, or close to it, when we were away a week ago. The hard drive was connected, plugged in through a power strip, but that failed to protect it.

    Our pictures may be gone forever. My wife over the years never failed to have a camera at our kids games, events, travels, holidays, etc. We have sent the drive out to a specialist who will charge is in the thousands to TRY to recover the pictures. I will pay almost any sum.

    I implore any readers not to be as stupid and negligent as I have been. You do not want to feel what I am feeling. Back up the things that really matter.

  2. Harry says:

    Wintercow has opened an entire new category to ponder.

    He is lucky he just bought that fixer-upper, and not the one with a dock on Long Island.

    When Wintercow poses questions about how to solve the economic woes of the world, it is easy to respond. But what have we done that is the most wasteful? Tough choices.

    Having been on the hiring side of the table, I wish I had that question in mind for the stress interview, the one we did in front of the one-way mirror.

    Happy Labor Day.

  3. Harry says:


    Excluding my old photographic darkroom equipment, I have an extra post hole digger. Also for sale are a pair of Kneissl Red Star skis with broken bindings along with a free pair of JetStix. Also free is a feed mixer and hammer mill, with belt. And a 250-ton Marietta silo, with free silo unloader.

    For now, I’m keeping the hoof trimmer, hoping to donate it to 4H.

    Wintercow has me thinking, though. More to come.

    But the question was about the superlative, right?

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