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Not just the workers’ paradise … it’s the students’ paradise too (HT: Mark Perry):

Yesterday I went to enroll my son in high school and instead of a welcome sign I found a blackboard with the following contents:

Regarding the uniform: Females may not wear more than one pair of earrings. Shirts and blouses will be worn tucked in. They will not be altered by clamps, nor cut to fit to the body, nor allowed to be higher than the waistband of the skirt or pants. Do not remove the pockets. The skirts should be 4 centimeters [1.5 inches] above the knee. Skirts worn …

I understand now why they do this? If they have these restrictions the families won’t realize that the actual choices they would make if these rules were not there … do not exist. Happy Labor Day. I’m working.

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  1. Harry says:

    Ha ha.

    At the place where Wintercow marshaled, there used to be no dress code whatever. It was only after the ME generation took over when we had rules about when one could dress politely or impolitely.

    The socialists, by definition, want and need to define how we live.

    Now, I am all for dress codes in school if they simplify the distraction and expense. Private schools should do whatever they feel contributes to good order.

    This brings me to a former student, Ed Valencia, from Puerto Rico, who in one of his weekly papers wrote that the teachers (Masters) should wear gowns, a la Oxford. I remember he supported his idea with many persuasive reasons. This occurred in the fall after Woodstock, and before Earth Day.

    I believe I gave Ed an A.

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