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In Daniel Okrent’s book, Last Call, the author sheds some light onto just how much our forefathers imbibed. For example, in 1830 it is estimated that on average, Americans consumed 18 gallons of alcohol each year. That is about 90 fifths of liquor. Think about that. An “average” person drank nearly two bottles of whiskey per week. And not everyone drank.

What else can you do when there is no NFL? Or maybe the water was that dirty? Just as a comparison, Americans seem drink around 22 gallons of milk each year today.

3 Responses to “Fun Facts to Know and Tell: Land of Liquor and Honey Edition”

  1. Harry says:

    Now forty percent of our corn crop, under Executive Order, goes to produce moonshine corn likker that goes into your car.

    I wonder how the vegitarians resolve the paradox. On the one hand, a billion farm animals will be slaughterd, a short-term bad, but a longer-term good, if you want to eradicate farm animals and revert to the more efficient consumption of tortillas.

    I bet the Unabomber never consumed corn likker in his cabin, being a modern.

  2. Harry says:

    After I wrote the above and posted it, a bolt of lightning hit, punishing me for scurriously defaming vegetarians.

    I was referring to the PETA idelogues, and not even to the sympathasizers of PETA. One such sympathasizer is the daughter of one of my friends, and she is a great baker and an outstanding person.
    She makes the best chocolate eclairs.

    I also did not want to defame the Hindu population of the sub-continent of India, nor any vegetarian in Rochester or any continent.

    This was a shot at Peter Singer, though. Anybody who wants to get rid of cows or other politically incorrect animals is, er, a monkey.

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