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Gazprom, the Russian oil giant and one of the most profitable corporations in the world is warning Western greens of the dangers of hydrofracking.

For those of you not following, fracking is the technology that is allowing the shale-gas revolution to escalate not only in the US but in dozens of countries around the world. Not only is gas a competitor to oil, but its wide dispersal across the globe has the incredible potential to stop corporatist companies like Gazprom from their blackmailing tendencies.

3 Responses to “Bootleggers and Baptists: Fracking Edition”

  1. Harry says:

    As a second career, Wintercow, you should consider headline writing.

    Of course the Russians don’t want us to frack. That does not explain Cuomo.

  2. Rod says:

    I can just see Boris Badunov and his sidekick, Natasha, tying Rocket J. Squirrel to a drilling rig. Help, Bullwinkle!

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