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Fans of taxation like the idea that the “rich” should pay more for the privilege of accessing public goods than the non-rich. Fine, cool, I get it. Then how come fans of progressive taxation don’t also promote laws that require discrimination in all prices according to income? I mean more than saying that the rich should spend more on a house (because it is bigger and in a nicer neighborhood) but rather than for items that are identical in every aspect, the rich should pay more.

Imagine – a jar of peanut butter costs you $3.19 and the rich dude down the street gets his grocery bill and that same jar ends up costing him $14.49. That’s progressive!  I am not asking for illustrations of when we do this, nor am I interested in the economics behind this, I am proposing it merely as a philosophical question. Is this, in fact, what the progressives would want to see? I’d like to see it happen too – for consistency’s sake, that’s all.

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