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It’s nice to have so many thoughtful bloggers out there – I have to respond to far fewer inquiries today than I had in the past. She captures the issue very nicely. I reprint a good Venn Diagram here:

6 Responses to “Lynn Kiesling on Occupy Wall Street”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    That pic nails it!

  2. RIT_Rich says:

    Well there is one other difference. Most Tea Party people would understand both the meaning of both circles and the relevance of their intersection. Most Occupy Wall Street hippies, would think that “bigger and better” government would relieve them of whatever it is they are upset about.

    The explanation given in the blog post you link to is all fine and good, except that only one side understand it.

  3. KH says:

    Hi RIT_Rich,
    As a researcher, I’m curious what you’re basing your “Most Tea Party people vs. Most Occupy Wall Street hippies” statement on? Do you have data to support this? Is this a gut feeling or do you have concrete responses and facts to back statement up?
    I’ve been to 3 OWS events (not in NYC) to observe the participants and have found that there are many there who are extremely disgusted with our (their words) “broken government”, “sold out government”, “corporate owned government” and “plutocracy”. Nobody I’ve spoken to at these protests is a fan of the government by ANY stretch of the imagination.

  4. jb says:

    Hi KH

    I have not been to any OWS events, but I am curious. I get the sense that the OWS protesters are big group of malconents but with disparate complaints. Some are isolationists, some are socialists, even anarchists and anti-Semites. But I did not get that sense from the media when the Tea Party was getting all the attention, rather they seemed to be portrayed as monolithic, but essentially Libertarian/constitutionalists. Though in fact I know of many in the Tea Party movement who are anti-free trade.

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