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Gross Ignorance?

Megan McArdle points us to the following chart:

Let me ask, which is more dangerous – not having a sufficient density of the population vaccinated against infectious diseases that were responsible for life expectancy being below 50 just 100 years ago, or people drinking coffee? When we have nationalized medicine will such situations be allowed to persist? Why is the freedom of these folks to forego vaccinations held in higher regard than my freedom to exchange peacefully with foreigners? File this one in …”we have no consistent basis upon which we hold people to standards.”

Good thing we crack down on all that vicious lemonade kids try to sell – lord knows how much more serious an offense that is.

2 Responses to “Gross Ignorance?”

  1. Harry says:

    So what is the problem? I do not know anybody who did not take the care to get their kid immunized for everything. Except chicken pox, and I am not sure pediatricians recommended that, or do now.

    Schools used to immunize for polio and smallpox (ever notice the smallpox scars on the Romans in Spartacus?), one effort that was worthwhile. But our daughter never got her shots in school.

    However,we need to crack down, on a federal, state, and local level on those lemonade stands. They should be inspected by redundant inspectors (good jobs at good wages), and the lemons had better not come from Mexico. We need to ensure that the kids wash their hands after going potty, before they pound the lemons with grandma’s wooden lemon pounder, and what happens if we let an unlicensed grandmother make the lemonade? What about all that sugar?

  2. jb says:

    Unfortunately I have a relative who refuses to have her kids immunized against anything. They have .000008-baked ideas about the dangers of the inocculation to her child exceeding the dangers of a global epidemic. I know of others with a similar mindset who refuse to put their kids in diapers. Even when visiting. No externalities there, nosiree.

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