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I find it strange that social justice issues are tied into environmental issues. We’ll post a few times on the meaning of social justice in the coming months. Let’s assume that we know what the heck that means. Let’s inaugurate the series with a simple observation about just who many “green” programs are benefiting and whom they are costing. Holman Jenkins tells us today that,

The latest data also indicate that the average Chevy Volt buyer has an annual income of $175,000. I will not examine the political viability of an industry premised on taxing average Americans to subsidize cars for wealthy Americans.

Well, at least they’re still in the 99%.

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  2. Rod says:

    I say we adopt an excise tax on Chevy Volts. Why should the rest of us drive Yugos when these rich #@%$&as get to drive the car that wins the future? We can’t wait for that tax.

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