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Daily Archive for November 17th, 2011


And then they came for the … soccer balls! I cannot make up the headline: We want our balls back! Our kids schoolyard has neither swings nor see-saws. My response? I pile up leaves real high and let me kids launch off of the roof of my car into the piles. What will they do […]

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RRR and … E?

In education news: Given the pervasiveness and enormity of these environmental problems, it is inexcusable that schools rarely teach students to evaluate their risks and reduce their exposure to toxicants in our environment,” say the book’s co-authors. “Examining our relationships with our environment is central not only to our health, but also to the health […]

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The concept of human rights is a particularly appealing one for folks on the left. Invoking human rights in an argument is sort of like insinuating that your opponents don’t think human beings matter. It’s a neat rhetorical trick, and it’s tiring. If a progressive, for example argues for nationalized health care, and I push […]

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