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Don't dare question it folks, we are just here reporting! In our semi-regularly e-mail from UR Go Green News:

Prior to the Move-out Cleanout and Dump & Run, these items would find their way to the dumpster and be hauled to landfills. There is good reason to be alarmed by this. In the U.S. alone, around 33 million tons of food, 11 million tons of clothing, and over a million tons of electronic equipment ends up going to landfills each year. This is significant as around 15% of food waste in the US comes from unopened containers that have not expired, and 95% of clothing wasted can either be directly reused, or reprocessed for industrial use!

Alarmed? Why? Now, don't push too hard here, if it is easy to collect this stuff and it can easily be put to good use, then I find the program to be a very helpful one – even if it just makes it easier for kids to move out of their dorms. But the paragraph above? It's Sunday, so I'll stop here.

PSA: The Go Green website does not set up permalinks for these articles, so future users will have no idea what I am linking to above. Sorry about that.

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