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I mean it. Hi everyone, I just saw that iGoogle has announced it is shutting itself down. I like the service as I use it to read all of my newspapers, magazines and blogs and it has adapted nicely to a mobile phone app. Do you guys have readers that work as well as or better than iGoogle? The readers that like allow me to read entire posts just by clicking a little plus sign on the left but without having to go to the actual posts. I also like being able to look at each website independent of the others. I have used feed aggregators in the past that just fire off post after post after post from the dozens of sites I read in sequential order … I don't like reading that way. So basically being a classic illustration of a status quo bias guy that I bash the behavioralists for spending so much time on, is there a reader just like iGoogle that I can transition to?

Or, should I have my eyes opened to bigger and better?

Thanks all!


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  1. Pat Ludwig says:

    I've used Google Reader for years, it works well for me.  Now I'm glad I never switched to iGoogle when that started up!

  2. Cedric says:

    Google reader — works great on my computer or my Droid.  

  3. netbacker says:

    Wow, I was looking for the same thing today and found this at lifehacker. Hope this helps.
    Two Excellent, Customizable Start Pages Worth Trying (Now that iGoogle’s Going Away)

  4. Dan says:

    Besides a few of the blogs I follow regularly (the sites of which I've memorized,) I'm learning to use my Twitter stream to find good posts. Many blogs are uneven, but their best posts reliably get tweeted. It also gives me all of my fun, non-econ reading.

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