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Friday Ponderance

I am trying to extend my leisure time – so perhaps I’ll add more fluff to the site! In today’s thought, consider how behavioralists regularly remind us that we have a status quo bias, and that are loathe to take chances (in some dimensions). Then in this case, wouldn’t there be a constituency out there who call economic downturns unanticipated blessings? After all, many people claim to hate their jobs. And many people claim to hate where they live. But they just can’t get themselves to make the move. I only suggest this because the behavioralist crew also happens to share the same Venn Space as the crew that sees silver linings after Superstorms. If Superstorms have silver linings, then surely recessions do too.

I see silver linings in recessions, but not for the reasons cited above.

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  1. Harry says:

    This calls for the webmaster of TUO to give a link to The Negative Railroad.

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