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This is particularly the case on college campuses – a place where we claim we are in pursuit of truth, but then promote a doctrine where there is no such thing as objective truth. It must be hard being a college marketing director living with that strange contradiction. We are regularly peppered here both from students and faculty that there is no absolute truth, even for the laws of logic that drive mathematical and (many) economic relationships (i.e. things of value are scarce – it is shocking to see people claim that this is some white-man, imperialistic, hegemonic doctrine). Nonetheless we are presented a bill of goods by the campus postmoderns and moral relativists that despite their denial of the existence of a truth, that their ideology of moral relativism is somehow correct … or truthful.

It seems particularly awkward given the lack of appreciation of the scientific method and the rules of reason, that many proclaim to be environmental activists. Ask them why they are activists and they undoubtedly tell you that evil white capitalists are destroying the planet. Ask them how they know this. Or ask them how they know global warming is a problem. Most don’t try to answer with, “well, it just is.” Well, scratch that, most on my campus do.

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  1. Harry says:

    Right on, Wintercow.

    They skip the axiom part, accepting as truth questionable if not absurd propositions.

    One of the central axioms in progressive educations is that there are no standards. Why is that appealing? Well, teachers do not have to prepare for class, nor do students. Class is like a group therapy session where any idea including nonsense is accorded equal value, provided that it has the appearance of expressing emotion. This cuts down on grading time, assuming there is something to grade, making the teacher’s job easier an leads to giving everybody an A for attendance. Throw in some sex into the course in college, and the course is packed, if it is an elective.

    If Daddy or the government are paying for this and do not care, all is well. If the student pays for it with borrowed money that the student feels an obligation to pay back, who but the dumbest would pay for it?

    But then I have gone far afield of WC’s sage post.

  2. Harry says:

    We who are living have always heard people protesting that capitalism is the root of evil, and that collectivism is the path to justice. This has been the message of Lenin and his followers, including Hugo Chavez, who died we are told two days ago in the afternoon.

    After nearly a century of failure, of millions dead and billions of people subjected to human misery, are you telling me collectivism is alive and growing in the academy? Do most of the professorial class believe — what? That while they are alive will be fed and perhaps will get a house with a sailboat on the lake?

    I guess I know the answer.

  3. anonymous says:

    Amen. People enjoy believing what is easy, and it is surprising how much work they will go through to keep it that way. It’s almost as if they can make reality disappear by believing hard enough.
    I stumbled across this sight while researching for a speech on how moral relativism restricts freedom, and everything I’ve chewed through is in support of moral relativism. I was beginning to believe there was no hope for this world.

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