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Astute readers can make the connections to the relevant news item from today.

Suppose you and your wife are arguing about something, such as how much money you will spend while you are on vacation. You generally want to spend less and she wants to spend more, but within reason there is room for compromise. You would be willing to spend more if it is done smartly, and she would be willing to spend less overall if she gets something in return (at least she says so). I suggest that the following exchange is disingenuous:

Wife: “I promise that we will spend less money on sight-seeing”

Husband: “But the entire point of our trip was to go sightseeing.”

Wife: “I am offering you a compromise, I am willing to break ranks with our children who also want to go sight-seeing, so now you are obligated to agree to go shopping with me.”

Husband: “What just happened?”

One Response to “A Disingenuous Proposal”

  1. Harry says:

    In your wry scenario, WC, the husband and wife discuss spending their own money and assume they are in charge of their kids.

    How old-fashioned and un-progressive.

    Every time I use a hyphen, Mike, I cannot help from grinning.

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