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It’s just so awesome to know that gasoline refineries and major oil companies are letting go of some of their greed.




Since gas prices are down about 4% over the past month and almost 6% since the start of the academic year, they must be 4-6% less greedy today than they were in the past. What a nice relief after a 3-year increase in greed from the middle of 2009 until today. And is my university therefore 3.9% greedier this year than they were last year?

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  1. Harry says:

    I thought food and energy prices should be ignored in intelligent economic analytical discussion, but now that you bring it up, WC, this is terrifically good news! It means that I can run my tractor all day for just seventy bucks, and drive to Rochester to get free beer for about the same.

    Have fun watching the Masters in between correcting papers.

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