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There are many of course. But in terms of intellectual pursuits, political pursuits or perhaps in even more parochial applications, you can do worse than the motto of the Royal Society:

Nullius in Verba

7 Responses to “Words Worth Living By”

  1. Harry says:

    It is great to learn something every day. Thanks, WC!

    The consulting firm I worked for had the following as part of its lore and early training program: believe only half of what you see, and nothing you hear, good advice in the world of sharks.

    Had a hole-in-one on #4, WC! Thought I would throw that in as a non sequitur.

    • wintercow20 says:

      I hope it was a high draw that landed 10 feet short, took two hops and dunked into the hole. Just think, you keep doing that and you might be able to play the Euro Solheim Cuppers to a draw.

      • Harry says:

        It was dead straight, maybe an inch of draw, WC.

        I have noted that in your most recent post you eliminated the reply button.

        We fans of TUW will miss your regular, almost daily, words of instruction, innovation, and inspiration. We lazy folk leave the work to you to read the BER papers to distill what is noteworthy. I am grateful for your keeping my mind alive, and restoring my faith that there are great people out there. Anybody brave enough to entitle his blog with Bastiat, have a picture of dead white patriots in the masthead, and a quotation from Hayek gets my highest admiration.

        Knowing how long the office hours schedule is outside your office, I have wondered how you do it all.

        Well, not all of it. There are several books to write, including some that will make a lot of money and change the world.

        I am glad you did not completely shut down TUW, allowing for an occasional appearance. That will keep me pinging your blog.

  2. Harry says:

    Have you no TA’s to be guest hosts, to critique your lectures and management style? To have your readers jump on them for the slightest error?

    That valedictorian from Georgia Tech had the style I like. No Occupy person he.

    • Harry says:

      As in, you can read Wintercow’s latest rant (HTML tag) here, and professor Krugman says X.

      Perhaps I will save, as in “jobs saved” a hundred hours a year not composing replies to posts on your blog, WC, but I would settle for an occasional brilliant insight and welcome a place I could see the posts of JB, Speedmaster, Rich, and others.

      Speedmaster’s and Steve’s blogs, not to mention Coyote’s blogs are I-phone unfriendly, unlike yours, which since your I really mean it post was friendly and civil.

  3. Harry says:

    You do not need to be better, WC. That valedictory comment was uncalled for.

    I can understand keeping one’s head down, given the mighty forces that conspire against academic freedom. The solar picnic table can be vicious, putting spikes in trees to disable loggers with families.

    But you have to post something, perhaps a picture of your hiking boots next to a cold glass of WC Ale.

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