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Let’s tax corporations more. After all, they have plenty of profits. OK, I agree. Then I hope you all get on board with the following proposal. Let’s impose a 10% tax on all “schools'” revenues. After all, schools, especially places like where I work, take in BILLIONS of dollars of revenue. They employ and they serve people largely in the upper echelons in society. So both the schools and their customers and their employees are rich. Let’s tax ’em. “Schools” end up paying those taxes, not real flesh and blood human beings, right. So, I’ll go along with all of your pet tax schemes so long as we apply them consistently – like on schools, and churches, and unions and other “non-profits” too.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Harry says:

    WC, at least corporations and the rest of us get taxed on what FASB and the IRS deems to be net income, not gross revenue.

    This is not to diminish your point about universities being big-time businesses enjoying favored tax status. As long as the leviathan continues to grow, it will be hungry for krill, and it is only fair that the leviathan feed in the academic seas for a while.

    To continue the metaphor, at present we are at present the best fed whale living in an abundant sea, but there are other less successful whales out there and maybe some sharks who spend every moment thinking about eating us.

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