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Every time one sees the word “consensus” or “science” as it pertains to global warming, prepare to be misled and bamboozled and keep all matches away from the straw. This “finding” again shows that most Americans “agree” with the “consensus” on climate change. 

Again, this is not a case of trying to be charitable to people who disagree with me. These people, yes, “people” are misleading at best. Do “they” really believe that the “skeptic” position is that the earth is not warmer, on average, today? If so, I actually feel quite badly for them. Let’s try this on: how would folks feel if I blanket categorized the entire “climate science” community by misrepresenting the way they talk about their opponents? I’d love to commission a survey that asks for a straw man version of their position with a question like, “do you think global climate models are complicated?”

And when nearly all climate scientists respond, “yes” then I’ll post a HUGE headline that says, “almost all climate scientists are skeptical about climate change!” And I will do so with no commentary or context on what that means, and what exactly they are skeptical about.. Indeed, I’d bet at least $1 that the share of climate scientists who are skeptical of climate science according to my question above FAR exceeds the share for the position taken by the linked article.

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  1. Harry says:

    Isn’t it interesting that RFF calls their blog “Common Resources”?

    In their “About” page they describe themselves as nonpartisan, which must mean they will commit fallacies for both sides of any dispute.

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