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Flavorless Farming

Corporations have (sometimes rightly) been accused of all sorts of things. Among the charges include the (over)use of advertising not merely to make us aware of their products but to make us want products we didn’t ever imagine ourselves wanting. Among the most hated corporations these days would be those involved in monocropping, pesticide, fungicide, herbicide, GMO-using megafarming across the US. No need to defend them now, though I believe they are worth defending. What I’d like to know is this: if corporations produce all kinds of tantalizingly tasty things for us like Big Macs and Hershey bars all the way to the more refined versions of each, how come a charge levied against huge corporate farms is that their food is bland, flat and far inferior in taste to non-GMO crops and to other more “sustainable” crop methods? This makes absolutely no sense to me, none at all. Corporations are supposed to be luring us with all kinds of things these days – so how come the corporations and corporate scientists and academic researchers in the pay of Big Farms are not developing very tasty versions of all of their crops? It seems that with all of the chemical and genetic enhancements we could be getting a Saturnalia of flavor from our mega-farms.

So how come they are not doing it?

Is every corporation ever, everywhere, guilty of alluring us with unhealthy but SUPER tasty stuff except the corporations that provide much of our meat, grains, fruits and vegetables?

2 Responses to “Flavorless Farming”

  1. Trapper_John says:

    This is why TUW is a must-read every day.

  2. Harry says:

    I personally do not care for the corn silage salad topped with ground corn cobs and soybean meal with Agway special liquid protein supplement.

    For a real treat, eat local and break through the fence to get at red clover and alfalfa, but stay out of the corn field if you have a problem with bloating. These opportunities are never advertised.

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