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World Cup Comedown

It seems to me that we’re all a little zany about the performance of the US at this World Cup. I’d call it close to being below par, which is certainly a far cry from how many others seem to be reacting.

The team won 1 game out of the 4 it played, which means it won 25% of its games. I know, I know, they should not have advanced out of the Group of Death, so doing so was quite the accomplishment.

But really, was it?

They beat a Ghana team that they arguably were favored against. Portugal, a favorite, thoroughly dominated the US the whole game and the late theatrics cover that fact up. Germany was in a different league than us and of course the millions who watched the Belgium game saw an arse-whooping that was only close because, well, … I don’t know.

As I see it, they were totally dominated by any team that was remotely World Class and the reason they advanced was that Portugal laid a stinker against Germany.

Maybe the future of US soccer is bright (I think it is), but that surely can’t be gleaned from the team’s performance this past month.

Sorry to be a party pooper.

3 Responses to “World Cup Comedown”

  1. Gabriel Wittenberg says:

    Curmudgeon! I just imagine if our good athletes played soccer instead of more entertaining sports, and then I feel better. Lebron James in goal, Percy Harvin attacking, Derrelle Revis and Richard Sherman on defense…come on. I say good riddance! The World Cup is another event to promote nationalism.

  2. Scott says:

    Right on, WC. A lot more to be said on this subject from my perspective…but the fact of the matter is a country of our size and wealth shouldn’t struggle to compete with the best in any sport.

  3. Liz says:

    Just stumbled on your post. To finish this sentence, “the Belgium game saw an arse-whooping that was only close because, well,…” TIM HOWARD. I think it could have easily been a 7-1 Germany vs Brazil caliber massacre if not for Tim Howard coming through with save after save. The fact that he needed to make that many saves actually says more about USA’s defense than anything else. With that said, coming out of that group (regardless of how) was extremely impressive and something to be proud of.

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