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Our family purchased some tea on Wednesday night:

All the boxes1


All the boxes2


All the boxes3


Can someone remind me again why we need to mandate GMO labeling?

For those interested, that B logo stands for a Certified B Corporation (again, I don’t know how we’d ever survive without government entities certifying corporations …). Here is the CCOF certification, again, how would consumers EVER know what is and is not organic if the government didn’t tell us?

One Response to “How Many Boxes Can You Check Off?”

  1. Harry says:

    Shouldn’t the picture on the box to be faithful to truth in labeling, show a jaguar devouring a pica? That would add some color to the scene.

    I thought ALL tea is organic, even the ground up pieces of leaf beetle that unavoidably get crushed along with the other complex organic ingredients. The whole idea behind tea is a) to kill the bad micro organisms in it, b) make the water tasty, c) provide whatever medicinal benefits the (witch?) doctor ordered. Also, drinking plain tea all the time fights obesity.

    I am concerned that the FDA does not have better control over thes problems, (more specifically, “issues”).

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