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The food experts opine:

But there is something the president can do now, on his own, to break that deadlock, much as he has done with climate change. In the next State of the Union address, he should announce an executive order establishing a national policy for food, health and well-being. By officially acknowledging the problem and by setting forth a few simple principles on which most Americans agree, the introduction of such a policy would create momentum for reform. By elevating food and farming to a matter of public concern rather than a parochial interest, the president can make it much more difficult for the interests of agribusiness to prevail over those of public and environmental health.

I am sorry for being dogmatic. We don’t need any national food policy aside from stopping any and all intervention in food markets. I am not interested in debating this. I am not willing to debate this. I will begin and end any comment about national food policy with the following portraits:

The Ukrainian Holodomor, national food policy at its “best”

Mao’s Great Leap Forward

Or how about this one … if they only had a plan none of it would have happened.

Of course, we’re smart and rich and better than all of those people, so nothing at all would happen here.

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  1. sherlock says:

    “The result is the spectacle of Michelle Obama warning Americans to avoid high-fructose corn syrup at the same time the president is signing farm bills that subsidize its production.”

    So more government? Makes sense.

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