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Not in the mood to be charitable again. Screw the FDA and the crop of enfeebled nannies who demand crap like this:

The Food and Drug Administration is announcing long-delayed calorie labeling rules on Tuesday, requiring establishments that sell prepared foods and have 20 or more locations to post the calorie content of food “clearly and conspicuously” on their menus. Companies will have until November 2015 to comply.

Read the whole thing so you can see that the rule does not of course apply to everyone:

As in the proposed rules, the final version still exempts airplanes, trains, food trucks and other food served on forms of transportation.

Of course, we “needed” this mandatory labeling because you know, consumers are just so inept and producers are just so inept that they could not survive without it, or that no one would have the bright idea to offer this information if indeed it was valuable. Of course, my local supermarket already has been posting calorie counts on a huge host of food preparations for years, and the “big food” companies have regularly experimented with things like “100 calorie packs” of snacks in order to help consumers better make choices. The imagination must run wild at what doors this ruling opens. It’s probably near impossible, by the way, for any food company to post calorie counts on the quite literally billions of combinations of things they might prepare for you. So either we cripple them, or we can just expect a hell of a lot less prepared foods being made for us, an outcome I’d find far more regrettable than eating more calories than I wanted.

Finally, of course there are no such requirements that I post food calorie counts in my home preparations and the incredible fact is that I am probably more clueless about the calories in my own food production than in anything that is prepared for me by supermarkets or other vendors. Yet my friends and family members have not had unwanted bursts of obesity.

Here is a former episode in the series. Screw the FDA, which obviously can’t be bothered to get drug and device innovation policy right. You guys wonder why people become extremely partisan and suspicious of “others” … this is surely an illustration.

Finally, I have to post on innocuous things like calorie labeling because as a white male who has only been helped by the centuries’ old legacy of racism in America, I am not legitimately able to talk about the goings’ on in Ferguson and beyond.

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  1. Scott says:

    But who is to say that more calories is necessarily a bad thing?! What on earth does the average consumer like me do with that information anyways?

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