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A former student of mine (who is currently a med student) forwards me the following with his insight, “hopefully our new doctors will also be familiar with science once they are fluent in class consciousness”

To that end, a large new section—one quarter of the test—covers psychology, sociology and the biological foundations of behavior. Official review material includes concepts such as social inequality, class consciousness, racial and ethnic identity, “institutionalized racism and discrimination” and “power, privilege and prestige.

More here. No comment from me aside from the obvious, “ideas matter.”

One Response to “In Which Our Future Doctors Will Be Proscribing and Not Prescribing …”

  1. News story from 2019: “A local Rochester-area man has been arrested for assaulting his family physician. Sources close to the case allege that the doctor apparently diagnosed the 50-year old Pittsford man with a rare form of hematologic cancer, at which point the man grew irate, extensively quoted Herbert Marcuse and Matt Damon and, declaiming on the physician’s ableist, western imperialist discursive mode of medicine, then proceeded to administer blunt force trauma to the physician’s head with his stud belt. The patient’s lawyers plan to cite Title IX during the defense proceedings and have vowed to sue the city for unlawful arrest and the doctor’s practice for wrongful diagnosis with resultant emotional damage. Hillary Clinton has returned from her blessed obscurity to comment on the case. More at 6.”

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