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So, after two weeks of not hearing anything back from the SEIU organizers, I followed up with several e-mails asking for clarification, communication and answers to more questions. I have still not heard back from them, and have both invited Mr. Holt to visit me in my office when I had plenty of time to talk, and also to call me.

Here are my questions sent on April 5, and yes, at this point I had become not just concerned but angry:

It’s been quiet.

Where does this process stand?

How did you come up with a list of faculty to reach out to?

Are you being transparent?

Will we be given a chance to communicate with all faculty who have been contacted and for whom you want to force into a union?

Did our faculty first reach out to you or did you initiate contact on your own?

What benefit is there to you in intervening in my professional affairs? Do you think you have a right to tell me who I can and cannot negotiate with in matters of my work and well-being?

Are you organized yourself?

How would you like it if I forcefully extracted $360 from your pay and dictated how you might relate with your employer?

I am thrilled with my situation at UR. I am treated with respect and as an individual. We have a fantastic and flexible and 2 way relationship. You can only ruin that.

I would like more information about this process and I would like to know how you sleep well at night when you are parasitically inserting yourself into people’s personal and professional lives?

Of course, no answers at all. After two more days of waiting, I sent the following, again with no answers:


Yes, the U of R undergraduates are now sending propaganda out … to us … that’s for the next post.

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