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See this gate? … Well, every night trucks stacked with bodies came back here and dumped them in a heap. They’d already been shot in the back of the head – you bleed less that way … They stacked the bodies in old wooden ammunition crates.

The workers stoked up the underground ovens – right in through the doors – to about twelve thousand degrees centigrade. To make things nice and official they even had professional witnesses who counter-signed the various documents.

When the bodies were burned they were reduced to ash and some chips of bone, maybe some teeth. They then buried the ashes in a pit … When the purges [of the 1930s] were at their peak … the furnaces worked all night and the domes of the churches were covered with ash. There was a fine dust of ash on the snow.

Richard Ebeling’s nauseating account of the horrors committed by the Soviet dictators in the name of building Socialism.  And the response I commonly see to this is either, “shrug,” or something worse, “well, uh, yeah, capitalism killed millions and millions over the 20th century.” Yes, those capitalist dictators sure are brutal. “They” claim that capitalism starves people. They claim that the slave trade is due to capitalism, wars that capitalists wage in order to steal resources are the “fault” of “capitalism”, and so on. Sure, dudes, whatever.

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