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So, it turns out that this is what is being taught to students about markets outside of our economics classes:


I suppose then that when I discuss “single-payer” health care (I don’t actually talk about it, but if I did …), I should hand this printout to students with the title, “Crazy Ideas” … the only thing is, when I share the “cartoon” it’s an actual representation about what happens under socialism, not some fantasy made-up version of how markets work.

2 Responses to “Thoughtful Dialogue on My Campus”

  1. Scott E says:

    Ironic that college campuses use private security on campus

  2. Michael says:

    Perhaps what should be done for econ 101 is not covering “markets”, but teaching about institutions and collective action of the voluntary sort. Why do students join a particular club on campus? Why just not mandate one club for all students?

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