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That was from the YouTube comments on this incredible episode of the DarkHorse podcast with Brett Weinstein.

Do you remember when there was an actual politically useful left wing that fought against corrupt big business, big government and legacy institutions? Why is the data and treatment advice on Ivermectin continuing to be silenced?

Brett’s brother Eric has made famous the idea of the “DISC”, this entire episode is perhaps its best representation. Ivermectin is cheap, off-patent, extremely safe, and now has mounds of observational evidence on it being a powerful prophylatic, treatment and even treatment for long-haul COVID (you can learn more about it here). Yet Dr. Kory and Dr. Weinstein are treated as diseased cranks. I’ll remind you that Weinstein was also a very thoughtful and careful considerer of the “lab-leak hypothesis” over a year ago, and he did so not by arguing from authority, but by actually being the scientist that he is.

If even a whiff of what is in this podcast is substantiated, and it seems to be, there is a US Civil War’s worth amount of blood on the hands of the CDC, the White House, Congress, all of our “public health” officials, the thought leaders, the big tech companies, the big Pharma companies.

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  1. Nicu says:

    As of March,27th the episode isn’t retrievable any longer.

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