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Just writing this down as a prediction to check later. If, and when, “we” are able to roll out fusion electricity at scale:

It will massively reduce pollution, electricity costs, inequality, the worry about global warming, mining pollution, resource scares, clean water and much more …

It will be hotly opposed by the very communities that support “clean, renewable, green energy.” Current solar power advocates will have to argue that they support indirect harnessing of solar power at the same time as being against legitimate direct harnessing of solar power.

If you need any evidence for how I am so sure, just examine the constantly shifting goalposts in the COVID fiasco, just to illustrate one piece.

5 Responses to “When Solar is Not Solar”

  1. jb says:

    No doubt you are correct. My Dad worked as a manager for the regional electric utility in Pittsfield. He was an engineer by trade. He was always frustrated by the public aversion to nuclear (fission) power. He said it was a failure of marketing. But I think it was mass ignorance and a failure of K-12 education to convey an understanding of science (and a very lazy media). I have no doubt fusion will be derided the same way. How tragic.

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