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From Mark Perry. I will show you these figures for NY State in a few days. For now, the comparisons between California and Texas are appropriate.

“California, a laboratory of liberalism, is spiraling downward, driven by a huge budget deficit. It took years for compassionate liberalism to make California’s welfare menu contribute to the state becoming an importer of Mexico’s poverty. It took years for servile liberalism to turn the state into a “unionocracy,” run by and for unionized public employees, such as public safety employees who can retire at 50 and receive 90 percent of the final year’s pay for life. California’s economy is being suffocated by the weight of government.”

Exhibit A: More than a million jobs lost in California’s private sector, shrinking private sector employment to the lowest level since 1999. And those jobs disappeared fast – it took about nine years to add one million private-sector jobs in California, and only about two years for those million jobs to vanish.

New York is exhibit B.

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