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New York is trying to be like California:

The current limit on tax refunds the first three months of the year is almost $1.75 billion. The governor is considering chopping that maximum by $500 million, down to $1.25 billionIf you’re counting on your state tax refund to catch up on some bills, think again. You could be waiting for that check as late as this summer.

News 10’s Marie Luby explains the option the Governor Paterson might use to close the current year’s budget gap.

New Yorkers could have more reason than ever not to procrastinate on their taxes. Refund checks will come back later if the governor rolls back the limit the state will pay out before April.

It’s incredible that the governor could do this with a simply stroke of the pen. It’s not your money. You are a thief. The entire gang of “assemblywomen” and “senators” are pillaging thieves. I am sure I won’t be the only tax-slave that marches on Albany if this is considered any more seriously. And will we all be put in jail for deciding to storm your offices and “borrow” some of your furniture for a few months? We won’t go so far as Californians and issue you IOUS, no, we will just take your desk without the IOU.

And what long term effects do you think this has on your ability to raise tax revenues my lord? Do you not think people like me, who honestly report their taxes, will have a larger incentive to misrepresent their income? Do you not think people like me, rather than being conservative in their monthly tax witholdings will make changes? In fact, I am on my way to our benefits office right now to minimize my witholdings. When tax time comes next year, and I “owe” you thieves some more money, maybe I’ll just take my time and hold off until June, or July, or August to pay you. Oh wait, I’ll be thrown in jail for doing that. And you? Well, you get reelected, AND my tax dollars will be used to pay your salary.

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