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At 3:52 today, my AP newsfeed is running stories on:

  1. NY Governor decides not to run because of a domestic violence scandal (and of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that his politics are wildly unpopular, even in blue state NY). He is a guy who believes deeply in taxing soda, granting massive privileges to teachers’ unions, and making threats rather than making changes.
  2. Democrats vow to ram health care reform down the throats of Americans when well less than half are in favor, and nobody in the opposition is in favor. (And by the way, there are plenty of things they could do immediately that would be supported by just about all Americans)
  3. Ethics panel indicates that Rep. Rangel was having trips to the Caribbean funded by corporate campaign donors (and this is totally separate from the tax fraud that he is)
  4. White house social secretary resigns because of celebrity party crashers

Not a good day, particularly if you are a fan of team Donkey. Hey, at least USA hockey is leading Finland right now.

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