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Go Sled Off a Cliff

Now, it is only safe to go sledding on groomed hills intended specifically for the purpose of sledding. This message came from our local Government school district:

Sledding is an exciting pastime when you grow up in Upstate New York. We understand the draw to some of the hills on the PCSD grounds, but we ask that you not sled on school grounds due to safety concerns. School grounds are not groomed for sledding which means there could be hidden hazards lurking under the snow or at the bottom of a hill. There are signs posted at each school indicating that sledding is not allowed on school property. Locally there are several locations where sledding hills are properly groomed and can provide a safe environment for sledding.

Give me a break. I have a hill in my yard, am I allowed to have my kids sled down that?

3 Responses to “Go Sled Off a Cliff”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    >> “I have a hill in my yard, am I allowed to have my kids sled down that?”

    Not until there has been an environmental study and it has been approved by the sledding czar.

  2. Wet Nurse Bureaucrat says:

    But we’re here for your own good! Honest!

  3. SusanC says:

    You can, so long as you promise not to sue anyone. And if your kids have friends over, make sure their parents sign a waiver.

    That’s the only reason for these signs. Basically, everyone who owns or is steward of property is fearful of someone injuring themselves then suing the pants off for, oh, having a hill in the first place.

    I had a college friend from Vermont who had a family farm with extensive acreage. They had put barbed wire up to fence off various portions, with a few obligatory “no tresspassing” signs. Yet some snowmobilers came thru, someone got decapitated, and, lo, the survivors in the family sued. My friends’ family ultimately won, but at a cost of several years of worry.

    So yes, until we toss out bogus civil suits, you will see more and more of this inanity.

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