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Here are three things I recommend, or that I am in the process of doing, to advance liberty.

  1. If you receive a census document, do NOT return it.
  2. Put up a special mailbox for UPS and FedEx and see what happens – or better yet, invite UPS or FedEx to leave something in your mailbox. Did you ever wonder why they wouldn’t do such a thing?
  3. Petition your local public school district to change the name of its schools. For example, rather than calling my schools the Pittsford PUBLIC Schools, they are more appropriately called the Pittsford GOVERNMENT Schools. You might propose instead to call them the Pittsford TAX FUNDED Schools. Do you think anyone would object? After all, what is the meaning of public?

More on each of these coming soon.

3 Responses to “A Little Civil Disobedience”

  1. jb says:

    Or, to distinguish from (public) charter schools, call them Pittsford Public Unionized Schools. To make the choice clear. (Alas you probably have no charter schools either).

  2. The Devious Canuck says:

    Future Campus Times Headline?:

    “U of R Professor arrested for proving gov’t stupid too many times?”

    Careful Rizzo, if Obama was trying to monitor all the anti health care “propagana” he REALLY wouldn’t like this.

    PS: I am actually going to make some fake mail boxes and if I get arrested I am going to tell them my economics professor told me to do it!

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