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The Icelandic Volcano eruption story is here. Notice how many times the authors of this article indicate the effect such a thing is likely to have on climate.  In fact, Levitt and Dubner were excoriated for suggesting we pay some money to do this sort of a thing on our own – seems like Mother Earth beat them to it. Of course, it would take several eruptions like this to have a meaningful effect. One fear I have is that when we see two or three more years of a steady temperature (as we have for a decade now), people will simply say, “well, it would have gotten hotter were it not for the Icelandic eruption.” We’ll never really know.

2 Responses to “This Sort of Thing Would Actually COOL The Planet”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    And from the dept of “Fox Guards henhouse” …

  2. Harry says:

    Good ones, Speedmaster and Wintercow.

    I just watched a government guy on Fox saying he is opposed to higher gas taxes because a better tax would be on all carbon POLLUTION, which he has correctly identified as much more encompassing than just octane and heptane. He’ll, it encompasses both the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom, and it doesn’t get much broader than that.

    Is the progressive kingdom above the plant and animal kingdoms?

    I actually have set foot in Iceland four times, and have flown over Greenland three times when it is visible.

    Whatever we can do to help the Icelanders to cool Rochester, it’s a noble cause, as long as it does not cost anything.

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