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In an article on some really cool school that focuses on healthy eating and exercise habits we read:

The family’s grocery bills are higher, but Hester, a freelance writer, says she and her husband, a security officer, have decided it’s worth spending more on food and forgoing things like a new car, for their kids’ health

I am glad the family got to make the choice themselves – the parents of children in the associated school district do not seem to have that option. In any case, is it obvious to you that their decision is a “smart one?”  And for the record, yes, I do find that article creepy.

One Response to “Couple Suspected of Statistically Murdering their Children”

  1. Rod says:

    From the article:

    “Former President Bill Clinton says the steps Northeast has taken are an exemplary way to tackle “a terrible public health problem.”

    It’s nice to know that, but it sure is creepy.

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