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You might think I am referring you to this to illustrate the insanity of the Germans’ insistence on funding solar power. That would be too obvious, particularly if you were unlucky enough to have sat through three weeks of my energy economics lectures last fall. No, what is scary is that this sentiment is widely held, and not just in Europe (HT to Powerline):

SPIEGEL: If you were the president of a global government, and you alone could determine the course of international climate policy, what would you do?

Röttgen: I can only offer the view of the German environment minister — and from my perspective, it is reasonable and necessary to introduce rules of competition that protect the climate. The ultimate objective would then be a per capita budget for greenhouse gas emissions, which would apply to every person on the planet. It’s ultimately also a matter of justice

By the way, am I the only one who cannot stomach the cultural exceptionalism that is wafting through the entire piece?

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  1. Harry says:

    Gag, Wintercow. What a strange notion of competition.

    I would like to see the expression on the New Guniean aborigines faces when a UN missionary explains their slice of the global carbon pie.

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