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In 2010 the sporting event(s) that had the most regular attendees at them?

  • Surprisingly not Major League Baseball
  • Surprisingly not College Football
  • Not NASCAR
  • Not golf
  • Not Professional football

Answer: high school sporting events. The sport with the most occasional fans? College football.

Also: More people regularly attend equestrian events than professional soccer events. Can’t you see why I am upset that they are going to drop the Statistical Abstract?

2 Responses to “Fun Facts to Know and Tell: Sports Attendance Edition”

  1. chuck martel says:

    Give me a break. You’re lumping HS basketball in with HS volleyball and all the other high school sports. High school football may now perhaps be the most attended by live humans sport in America, barbaric as it is, but that’s a recent development, if it’s even true. For many decades the most attended sport in the country was horse racing, mostly because there were a lot of races at a lot of tracks and it was the only legal form of gambling. Attendance at horse races has diminished somewhat with the proliferation of other options for throwing away one’s money and simulcasting but it’s still a big deal.

  2. wintercow20 says:

    My post was intended to be tongue in cheek

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