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I was perusing my National Parks magazine and they made reference to the fact that policemen used to monitor the height of women’s bathing suits at the DC Tidal Basin Beach. It turns out to be true. Here is a photo from 1922 showing a man enforce the government’s rule that bathing suits could be no more than six inches above the knee.

Hey maam, can I take you out for a drink later? Oh wait, we banned alcohol too!

3 Responses to “Fun Images to Know and Show: Insert Your Favorite Caption Edition”

  1. Harry says:

    The link to the pic did not work, WC. Maybe the Iranian censors got control of your blog.

  2. Harry says:

    I guess WC’s readers are either busy, off the grid, or do not want to risk a comment.

    First, that is a picture of a golf pro enforcing the dress code imposed by the crotchety Executive Commitee, all men, who do not have wives with legs that can be presented in Jamaica-length shorts. He should be using a scorecard to measure the length from the hem to the kneecap.

    Second, even though we hate government intrusion, what a great job!

    Third, the TSA has adopted a more efficient compliance model, which can measure to the tenth of a centimeter any distance to the top of any patella. I used to prefer profiling, but now I am not so sure, since Rizzo would be picked out every time, unnecessarily delaying the rest of the herd to the gate.

  3. Harry says:

    Well, I think it is a great picture, Mike, worthy of twenty or so greeting cards. Glad to know you have not gone nuts, yet!

    Next spring your students could stage a reenactment around the solar picnic table.

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