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More from Ralph Raico:

Egged on by (Eleanor) Roosevelt, the FBI “began to tap the telephones and open the mail of vocal opponents of FDR’s foreign policy and to monitor anti-intervention rallies.” It “initiated surveillance of several of the president’s prominent congressional critics,” including Senators Burton K. Wheeler and Gerald Nye. The White House and the Justice Department also leaked to sympathetic journalists information from FBI files that was thought to be embarrassing to anti-interventionists” (Haynes 1996, pp.28-29).

One Response to “It’s Only a Problem When “Their Guys” are in Power”

  1. Rod says:

    Remember Filegate? One of the first things the Clintons did when they began to inhabit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was to check out the FBI files on Republicans. The idea that the government will only use its powers of surveillance and information gathering for good purposes is complete nonsense.

    One of the things the Patriot Act did was break down the wall that separated the FBI from the NSA and the CIA, on the grounds that information sharing between federal agencies would have prevented 9-11. The part that makes me nervous is that the current bunch in the White House think “domestic terrorism” is an equal threat as Islamic Jihad, and that they are thus justified to check out posts like this one to see if notorious conservatives like me have bought fertilizer recently. We lose a little bit of our liberty every day.

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