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John Goodman, summarizing the failure of the Medicare pilot programs to produce cost reductions, asks rhetorically:

Can you think of any other market where the buyers of a product are trying to tell the sellers how to efficiently produce it?

Great quote. I’d say that higher education gets close particularly if we take a generous view of what “buyer” means.

One Response to “Quote of the Day … With an Answer”

  1. Harry says:

    As a Medicare recipient suckling on the federal sow, I appreciate WC’s posts. Some time, Mike, call me to find out about the intracies of signing for one’s infusion sets, to protect against a black market in infusion sets, or the Medicare rule that you have to see two doctors four times a year. I am personally relieved that my health insurance bill is lower, but it is sickening to be a welfare recipient. Maybe I should take Warren Geezer’s advice and ship the Feds half a million or so.

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