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To make sure we don’t get billed for late fees without being notified that something is going to be late, right?

Yet why should there have to be a next time? Why should keeping an ordinary driver’s license up to date oblige anyone to deal with a government agency, in person or online? I hadn’t even realized that my license was about to expire until an airport security agent pointed it out to me the last time I flew out of Logan. The Registry no longer sends renewal notices; and woe betide the motorist who gets pulled over with an expired license, an infraction that can trigger a fine of up to $1,000, not to mention a potential arrest.

Hey Nudgers, where are you?

3 Responses to “Wherein I Am Glad We Have a Consumer Financial Services Protection Bureau”

  1. Harry says:

    Let me guess. Barney Frank was flying commercial out of Logan on the Shuttle.

  2. Harry says:

    If you are an unliscenced barber plying your trade in Philadelphia in a truck, maybe you would get ten years to life if you park your van in front of City Hall. Unless you are an Occupier.

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